My name is Sarah and I am an artistic lifestyle photographer.  As the years go by we want to remember the moments in life that take our breath away.  My goal is to provide my clients with unique photographs that capture each individual moment and story!  Enjoy!

Family & Maternity • Summer Photo Shoot

July 07, 2014  •  3 Comments

 I recently had the opportunity to see many of my friends back in Charlotte one more time before Baby Beirne arrives. There is nothing better than being back home, but I definitely miss Charlotte and I am so thankful for all of the experiences and close friends I have from living there. Despite a few setbacks it was an awesome trip! Summer in the Carolinas is usually pretty darn hot, but thankfully this time it was surprisingly pleasant. I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time, so my bestie and I planned to do a photo shoot for each other. Natalie's adorable family was up first. The super cloudy day cleared up just in time to let gorgeous rays of sun appear for our shoot. 

After our fun family session it was time for my turn in front of the camera. Throughout the process of attempting my own self-portraits, I have learned that it is difficult to be both the photographer and the subject. Trying to make myself relax and pose as I would pose my clients is a daunting task. My main goal for doing this is to help me understand what it feels like to be the subject so I can strengthen the way I interact with and pose my clients. Thankfully this time I didn't need my remote! My awesome best friend took the lead and swapped spots with me so she could snap the photos after I set up the camera. It was a blast driving around searching for the right spots to photograph and stalking Pinterest for ideas. About six years ago with my dinky FIVE megapixel camera, I took my first ever maternity photos of Natalie...

 Now it was my turn and I am SO thankful she was the one to capture our moments. Natalie rocked that camera!

Natalie- I always love capturing memories for you and now I have these amazing memories captured BY you! This is a day I will never forget. I love you with all my heart!

Newborn Baby • Sleepy Snuggles with Daniela

July 05, 2014  •  2 Comments

Meet Daniela. She is as sweet as any sleepy, snuggly newborn can be! Baby D was about a month old when I went to photograph her, so naturally I was expecting her to be a little more awake for the shoot. Not this girl! She loooves to sleep (at least for our photo session!) :) I left this photo shoot feeling so much love in my heart. I hope you can feel the love too!


Baby Daneila, I had the best time with you! I can't wait to see you grow into the beautiful young girl I know you will be!

A Charming Surprise Proposal

April 26, 2014  •  4 Comments

Time was of the essence. I had one hour to get from BWI airport to the Lincoln Memorial in DC to photograph my brother's engagement! His girlfriend Allison had no idea what was coming her way. For all she knew, they were off to spend the beautiful weather together at the Cherry Blossom Festival and brunch at the amazing Farmers Fishers Bakers. 

My brother Jimmy called me two weeks prior and told me the whole plan. I was immediately on board and within minutes the flight was booked! I could hardly contain my excitement! On the flip side (as excited as I was) at almost 19 weeks pregnant I was super worried I would get sick or even worse- it would be so busy with tourists that someone would walk right in front of me while capturing the surprise. 

That morning, the plane arrived in Baltimore ahead of schedule. Everything was off to a fantastic start! It was around 9:50am and I had to be there and in position by 10:45. I made my way to the Amtrak station to hop on the train and head straight to the memorial. Alas, the first obstacle. The train was running 30 minutes late which meant I couldn't board until 10:30!! Okay- time to hop in a cab. I knew it would take longer than the train, but at least I had about an hour to get there. The cab driver proceeds to drive off and then gave ME his GPS to enter where we were going. OH. NO. Um, hello Mr. Cab Driver? Don't you take people to DC from the airport all the time? There are cab drivers lined up outside. This should be routine and I choose the ONE that didn't know where the heck he was going? Great. I mean, I'm the do I know the address of the Lincoln Memorial? Forty-five minutes, bad traffic, and many dollars later, I start to panic. I followed this guy's every move to make sure he wasn't duping me. He truly did not know where he was going and relied on his extremely outdated GPS was taking us the most ridiculous route.

Enter Tristan and Jackie. Jimmy and Allison's awesome friends who were waiting for me to help with the engagement and stake out my position. I called Tristan in a panic, while at the same time I was texting Jimmy my crazy adventure and status. I thought for sure Allison would suspect something as we were all texting frantically back and forth. I gave Tristan my location and he was able to direct me with his GPS. I finally arrived around 10:55, thinking I had blown the entire engagement.

Luckily, Jimmy was doing a fantastic job stalling while on their walk over to the Lincoln. They arrived around 11:15. There were people everywhere. I hid behind a rescue dog tent, sneaking out to get my practice shots while waiting. I knew that Jimmy would take her over to the edge of the Reflecting Pool and face the Washington Monument with their backs to us. As soon I saw them in position, I ran out plain as day (about 20 feet in front of them) and captured their amazing moment from start to finish. My eyes were so blurry with tears that I was praying I got the shots! It was the most incredible experience to be a part of and I could NOT believe that no one got in our way. Better yet- Allison had no clue about the entire chain of events. Success!! 

I could not be happier to have been a part of this huge moment in my brother's life. I will remember it I know they will too. 

Enjoy as the moments as they unfold before you. :)

I LOVE the expression on Jimmy's face in this next one...

For a good 15 seconds, Jimmy glanced over at me and Allison still had no idea I was there!  

Until now... :)

The rest of the day was a blast. We pranced around DC on our way to brunch and captured a few more photos of the beautiful newly engaged couple. I didn't have to tell them to do anything. They were so busy relishing in their moment that voila! Gorgeous. Photos.


The crew...


Allison, I am thrilled to soon call you my sister! Words cannot even do justice for how happy I am for the both of you!! Congratulations!

Much love to you both!


Maternity Session

February 15, 2014  •  2 Comments

What is one way to feel warm during a freezing cold and snowy winter? If you take a look at these sweet maternity photos, they will be sure to warm your heart. Phil and Danielle are two wonderful people who I am so fortunate to have met through our family restaurant. They are the kind of people you could talk to for hours. There is just this vibe about them that makes you feel like you've known them forever. Get ready to feel the love! 

Danielle and Phil, I am so happy for you both! Thank you for letting me capture these beautiful moments for you. I cannot wait to meet baby N!

Dan & Jesse

November 23, 2013  •  2 Comments

I am honored to present the wonderful wedding of Dan and Jesse. I met Dan a number of years ago through friends, some of whom are now family. After meeting Jesse for the first time just months before their wedding, I immediately knew how perfect they are for each other. Dan and Jesse are two of the most humble people I've ever met, and Jesse's personality and smile is utterly contagious. After only a couple minutes of talking with them (pre-wedding), I could tell how much love they have for not only each other, but their friends and family as well. On their wedding day you couldn't help but notice the love pouring in return from everyone who shared their day with them. Each moment was incredibly touching. I can't even count how many times I teared up! Dan and Jesse, thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day! Your love for each other, as well as your family and friends, is inspiring to say the least!

Much love,


This stunning mirror was handcrafted by Dan and Jesse's father. Of course I was tearing up and so emotional listening to the story of how this was given to Jesse, that I forget half of the story! (Insert Mother of the beautiful bride- feel free to add this awesome story in the comment section below!) :)

How amazing and touching for Jesse's sister Brittany to write and perform a song for the newlyweds!


Every last sentimental detail of this wedding was incredible...and what a perfect way to send off the newlyweds! 

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